Concrete Styles & Colors

As far as curbing is concerned, you have many more options than the traditional gray rectangle that most people seem to think of. In the right hands, curbing is an ornament for your driveway, sidewalk, or walkway. It can be made in a variety of colors and styles, and each can accent your home, lawn, garden, or hardscapes.

Stamped Concrete Curbing

Stamped concrete curbing provides a variety of options that can enhance the beauty of your home. For example, an ornate geometrical pattern looks great next to concrete or brick pavers and helps to evoke the look of traditional southern architecture. If you’d prefer a more naturalistic approach, stamped concrete can be made to look like dressed stone, or it can adopt a floral motif to complement your garden.

staining concrete curbing

For an additional charge, two coats of stain using the color of your choice will be added once curbing has dried.This helps your new curb stay true to color and prevents mold. Your curbing will look new much longer than other methods which mixes color into the concrete since color done this way tends to fade under the hot Florida sun. In addition, any repairs needed will match the exact color of your stain.